UAS Platforms

INF’s UAS platforms are designed by a team of four aerospace engineers. All of the manufacturing are done in-house right here in Taiwan from the highest quality materials and CNC processes.

The extensive experience in manufacturing, electronic and software development as well as composite craftsmanship of our engineering team can be seen in every part we produce.

Stabilized Gimbals

INF’s gimbals are some of the best on the market today. Our advanced gimbal control systems ultilize FOC technologies to enable accurate and smooth operation.

Each gimbal has its own IMU and can operate independently of any flight controller. All gimbal settings can be conveniently adjusted via Bluetooth link using our proprietary iOS and Android apps.

INF in-depth knowledge of stabilized gimbal design and manufacturing is in very high demand through OEM and Custom Solution.

Flight Control Systems

INF’s advanced flight control systems and autopilot technologies stem from over 30 years combined experience. Our Jupiter JM-1 multicopter flight controller enable some of the best flying characteristics.

We are first to release the triple redundant flight control system for multicopter – the Cerberus-R. All our multicopter flight controllers are fully compatible with MAVLink protocol enabling the end users to take advantages of open source GCS software.

Stellar X1000 Multicopter

Comes Standard with Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controller Installed

The Stellar X1000 was designed from the ground up to be a highly portable, light weight multi-role platform. It can easily perform aerial filming mission as well as serves as a low cost survey rig with the standard Jupiter JM-1 and free 50 waypoint navigation.

MA-1 Stabilized 3-Axis Gimbal

Designed for GH4, 5D, and Alpha 7

The MA-1 gimbal comes with some of our best stabilization technologies. The gimbal robust frame and electronics are made to carry all three type of cameras – the Panasonic GH4, the Sony Alpha 7 and the Cannon 5D

Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controller

MAVLink and Waypoint Navigation

The Jupiter JM-1 is the first of INF advanced flight controller family. Its advanced control algorithms provide the best flight stability on the market whether in ascent or descent, high speed or low speed operations.

It also comes with MAVlink protocol compatibility as well as free 50 waypoints for GPS navigation through ground control station.

Cerberus-R Flight Controller

Advanced Triple Redundant Flight Control System

We are offering fully customizable and scalable Triple Redundant Autopilot System for Multicopter and Helicopter platform. INF’s autopilot technology enables any size Multicopter and Helicopter platforms to be operated easily from one common GCS.
All our flight control systems and autopilots can be configured with a wide array of sensors such as ultrasonic, laser altimeter as well as advanced positioning system such as RTK, GLONASS, GNSS etc.

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