The Multicopter Flight Control Solution for Industrial Applications

Triple Redundant Autopilot

Combining three Jupiter autopilots and GPS to give you the ultimate in reliability and control accuracy.

Advanced Triple Redudant Algorithms

Combining IMU data from all three Jupiter autpilots as well as three GPS to create one accurate control loop. The Cerberus-R module constantly monitor and can detect failure in IMU or GPS signal then seamlessly calculate flight control solution using data from the remaining Jupiters.


Robust Triple Redudant Main Module
Multiple Outputs
Support S-Bus, DSM2, DSMX, JR XBus, JETI EX Bus, SRXL
Integrated Bluetooth
Support CanBus
Remote Gain Adjustment
Multiple Redundant Power Inputs
Dedicated Parachute Deployment Port
MAVLink Compatible


12 PWM ports for up to 12 Motors
1 PWM for Retracts
1 PWM for Parachute
2 PWM as Aux1 and Aux2 (Also Power Input Ports)
1 S.Bus port
1 Voltage/Current Sensor output to OSD
3 UART ports to connect to 3 independent Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controllers
2 UART ports for RF Modem Data Link and Debugging
1 LED Indicator Panel
2 Satellite Receiver Ports
2 Can Bus ports
Bluetooth Enable and USB
Input Voltage; 5V – 8.4V to PWR1, PWR2, Aux1, Aux2


8 PWM ports for motors – Not Use
1 PWM port for Retract – Connect to Cerberus-R
1 S.Bus port – Connect to Cerberus-R
2 Satellite ports – Not Use
2 PWR ports – Not Use
1 Data port – Not Use
1 LED port – Not Use
1 GPS port – Connect to GPS/Magnetometer Module


Hovering Tolerance (GPS Mode)
Vertical: ±0.5m
Horizontal: ±1.5m
Maximum Wind: 14m/s
Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity: 150°/s
Maximum Tilt Angle: 30° in Attitude mode
Maximum Speed: 15m/s in GPS mode
Maximum ascent / descent Velocity: ±6m/s (higher speed on request)


Quadcopter: I4, X4 type
Hexacopter: I6, V6 type
Octocopter: X8, I8, V8 type

INF Cerberus-R autopilot currently supports the following MAVLink commands:

– MAV_CMD_DO_CHANGE_SPEED (only speed, mission param #2)
– MAV_CMD_DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL (only shooting command, mission param #5)

MAVLink Messages
– HEARTBEAT ( #0 )
– SYS_STATUS ( #1 )
– GPS_RAW_INT ( #24 )
– ATTITUDE ( #30 )
– NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT ( #62 ), (only wp_dist)
– VFR_HUD ( #74 )

– MISSION_ITEM ( #39 )
– MISSION_ACK ( #47 )
– COMMAND_LONG ( #76 )( only MAV_CMD_COMPONENT_ARM_DISARM and MAV_CMD_MISSION_START(ignore param #1 and #2))
– COMMAND_ACK ( #77 )

Cerberus-R FAQ

Yes, you can set the battery level failsafe threshold via iOS, Android or PC interface.

You should install the flight controller at the centre gravity of your airframe

Any type of RF modems of 900mHz with UART connection

Any type such as S-Bus, DSM2, DSMX, JR XBus, JETI EX Bus, SRXL

Compatible with most popular radio brands such as JR, Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, FlySky

15m/s in Roll and Pitch axis

The default password is 0000

Any quality ESC on the market with minimum range at 1050us, mid-range at 1500us, and max at 1900us. For best result we recommend ESC with 400Hz

30° on Roll and Pitch axis

Selectable between Manual, Attitude and GPS mode.

Land immediately, your battery level is reaching the warning threshold (set by you in the interface)

Check that you have correctly installed the flight controller and gps antenna. Check that you have specify the off-sets for the GPS antenna into the setup interface (PC, iOS or Android). Check that you have the latest firmware update for your flight controller.

Ensure that you have entered the magnetic deviation for you location into the flight controller via the setup interface. Also perform a magnetometer calibration.

Please adjust the “Altitude Gain”

No. You can however send your Jupiter JM-1 to us, we will update the firmware to change it into Jupiter-1r

Check that Bluetooth is turned to ON on your mobile device or use the PC interface to connect via USB

3 UART ports


Yes, the Cerberus is RTK ready

Yes, you can program the remote gain adjustments for P, I and D for all three flight axis on your radio. This will allow the Cerberus control gains to be adjusted while in flight.



Yes, the Cerberus has two power input ports


Yes, you can install RF model with European frequency such as 868mHz


No – you can mount the flight controller directly to your airframe using double sided foam tape


Yes, you need to send them to INF to be converted back into standard JM-1(s)

Yes, all IMU signals are used to provide stabilised flight solution.