Jupiter JM-1 FAQ

Yes, you can set the battery level failsafe threshold via iOS, Android or PC interface.

You should install the flight controller at the centre gravity of your airframe

Any type of RF modems of 900mHz with UART connection

Any type such as S-Bus, DSM2, DSMX, JR XBus, JETI EX Bus, SRXL

Compatible with most popular radio brands such as JR, Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, FlySky

15m/s in Roll and Pitch axis

The default password is 0000

Any quality ESC on the market with minimum range at 1050us, mid-range at 1500us, and max at 1900us. For best result we recommend ESC with 400Hz

30° on Roll and Pitch axis

Selectable between Manual, Attitude and GPS mode.

Land immediately, your battery level is reaching the warning threshold (set by you in the interface)

Check that you have correctly installed the flight controller and gps antenna. Check that you have specify the off-sets for the GPS antenna into the setup interface (PC, iOS or Android). Check that you have the latest firmware update for your flight controller.

Ensure that you have entered the magnetic deviation for you location into the flight controller via the setup interface. Also perform a magnetometer calibration.

Please adjust the “Altitude Gain”

Check that Bluetooth is turned to ON on your mobile device or use the PC interface to connect via USB

Up to 50 waypoints for JM-1 free of charges

Yes, you can install RF model with European frequency such as 868mHz


No – you can mount the flight controller directly to your airframe using double sided foam tape

Yes, you can use popular GCS software such as Mission Planner, QGroundControl, and UgCS



Jupiter JM-1 Setup Guide

Quick guide on how to configure the JM1 flight controller in your Stellar using the PC interface.

Please note that the iOS and Android app interface will also be very similar to the PC version.

Software Download

Jupiter JM-1 Setup Interface Installer V1.1.77.msi

(Please right click and save file as)

IMPORTANT! In order to connect to the JM-1 with firmware V1.1.1, you must download the new version of the Jupiter JM-1 Setup Interface or the new version of iOS/Android App.

Jupiter JM-1 Firmware V.1.1.8

(Please right click and save file as)

Release note:

  • Enabling MAVLink interface compatibility
  • Enabling waypoint navigation function and 50 waypoints (Free)
  • Safety switch setup for navigation function – user can now use GCS such as Mission Planner safely
  • Improved position GPS hold
  • Improved altitude hold
  • Ability to fly survey grid in navigation mode

Please note the following important changes to the new Jupiter JM-1 firmware V1.1.8

When you take off the RTL location is now will be the “Launch” point – not the “GPS Initialization” point as per previous version. What this means is that the RTL point is no longer the place where you turn on the UAV and acquire GPS Initialization, it’s now the place where the UAV takes off.

However, if you launch the UAV before the “GPS Initialization” process is complete then the UAV will return to the point when the “GPS Initialization” is completed.

It is very important that you be aware of this fact because if you take off before the autopilot’s GPS Initialization process is completed and start flying around – in the event of RTL – the UAV will return to the point of where it acquired GPS Initialization which maybe far away from your take-off point.

Navigation Mode:

You can now configure a switch position to activate Navigation Mode if you plan to control the UAV using ground control station software interface such as Mission Planner.

To use Navigation feature, assign a switch position on you radio by selecting “Navigation” in the ACM function drop down menu.

To activate Navigation your UAV must have GPS Initialization and a flight plan must be uploaded via RF modem to the UAV.

Arm the motors then activate Navigation function by the corresponding switch position, the UAV will begin to perform the uploaded flight plan which also now supports auto take-off if the first waypoint is configured with “auto take-off” selected.





To download iOS and Android apps, please download from you online app store.