Meditate MA-1 FAQ

Canon 5D, Panasonic GH and Sony Alpha 7


Pan and Tilt: 120°/s

Roll: 30°/s

Pan: 360° continous

Tilt: +30° and -120°

Roll: 30° lef and right

Heading Follow Mode, Heading Lock Mode, and Heading and Pitch Follow Mode

Ensure that gimbal is properly balanced and all screws are tighten. Adjust gains if necessary.

Please turn off image stabilisation in your lense or use lense without built-in IS

No, MA-1 closed loop stabilized system is developed by INF exclusively

Yes the MA-1 has its own IMU and Magnetometer

Yes, most quality analogue and digital video transmitters

Yes, additional hardware required

No, MA-1 can work fully independently


Yes – for Canon, Panasonic and Sony


Yes, properly balancing the gimbal/camera is critical to the operations of the gimbal





Yes, with a simple flip of a switch

No. All MA-1 gimbal sensors have been very carefully calibrated and tested at the factory. You will not be able to perform repair on your gimbal even if it’s just a minor crash. You must send the gimbal back to INF for repair.


No. If you make these kinds of modifications you will void the warranty, and we can not guarantee the performance of your gimbal


Meditate MA-1 Manual

Quick guide on how to configure the Meditate MA-1 using the PC interface.

Please note that the iOS and Android app interface will also be very similar to the PC version.

Software Download

Meditate MA-1 Firmware Update V1.0.92

(Please right click and save-file-as)

Please update Meditate MA-1 Firmware to V1.0.92 to ensure compatibility with Jupiter JM-1 V1.1.1

Meditate MA-1 Setup Interface

(Please right click and save-file-as)

Please click link above to dowload the installer then rename the file to meditate_ma1_installer_v1.0.64.msi then double click the file to begin installing the software.





To download iOS and Android apps, please download from you online app store.