Ready to Fly with Integrated Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controller

MAVlink compatible with 50 waypoints

The INF Stellar X8 airframe is designed to be light weight yet very strong. Its features include full carbon fibre frame, CNC milled aircraft grade aluminium components, highest quality motors and ESCs, retractable landing gears, and fully integrated Jupiter JM-1 flight controller and power distribution board.


Equipped with foldable motor arms for ease of transport while still enable you to deploy in less than 5 minutes.


Coaxial propeller configuration to reduce platform footprint while providing added redundancy. Integrated ESC with LED navigation lights inside the motor mounts for a cleaner look and ease of orientation.


Pre-installed with Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controller and Power Distribution Board wiht all flight control gains preset and test flown at the factory.


Standard equipped retractable landing gears for an unobstructed 360° camera operation.


Two carbon fibre battery trays come standard with CNC aluminium locking mechanism. Each battery tray can support 6S 22,000mAh battery pack.


Type: Coaxial X8 Foldable Arms
Diameter: 800mm
Weight (without gimbal and battery): 4284g
Maximum Take-off Weight: 10kg
Arm Length: 315mm
Material : CNC Carbon Fibre Frame and Tube, CNC 6061-T6 Aluminium Components


Diameter: 42mm
KV Value: 390KV
Max Power: 550W
Foldable Propeller: 15 x 5.4 high temperature and moisture resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic


Maximum Output Power: 750W
Constant Current: 10A
Maximum Current: 30A
Operating Voltage: 11V to 25V, 3S to 6S Typical
PWM Output Frequency: 32kHz
Controlling Frequency: Up to 500mHz


Max Takeoff Weight: 11kg
Battery: 6S at 25C Minimum
Endurance: 10 – 15minutes with 16000mAh pack
Max Output Power: 4000W
Maximum Angle: 30° in Attitude Mode
Maximum Speed: 15m/s in GPS mode
Flyable Max Wind Velocity: 10m/s
Operating Temperature: -10°C~40°C

Stellar X1000 FAQ

Yes, you can set the battery level failsafe threshold via iOS, Android or PC interface.

You can have up to 2 failed motors as long as they are not both on the same arm, the Stellar will continue to fly normally with reduced lift.

Any type of RF modems of 900mHz with UART connection

Compatible with most popular radio brands such as JR, Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, FlySky


15m/s in Roll and Pitch axis

4.2kg to 4.5kg depending on options. This weight does not include battery, gimbal or payload rack.

The default password is 0000

We recommend high quality 6s Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries with capacity ranging from 10,000mAh to 22,000mAh, and discharge rating of at least 15C.

30° on Roll and Pitch axis

Selectable between Manual, Attitude and GPS mode.

Land immediately, your battery level is reaching the warning threshold (set by you in the interface)

Check that you have correctly installed the flight controller and gps antenna. Check that you have specify the off-sets for the GPS antenna into the setup interface (PC, iOS or Android). Check that you have the latest firmware update for your flight controller.

Ensure that you have entered the magnetic deviation for you location into the flight controller via the setup interface. Also perform a magnetometer calibration.

Please adjust the “Altitude Gain”

Check that Bluetooth is turned to ON on your mobile device or use the PC interface to connect via USB

Up to 50 waypoints for JM-1 free of charges

Two battery trays

Yes, all Stellar come pre-installed with JM-1 autopilot and are fully flight tested at our factory.



Yes, RTL altitude can also be configured via iOS, Android or PC application.

Yes, you can use popular GCS software such as Mission Planner, QGroundControl, and UgCS