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Auto pilot unit

Jupiter AutoPilot unit provides the world finest control for not only drones but also for airplanes and flybarless helicopters.

Our house-made setup assistant software helps you the easiest setup for various type of selection of each aerial models. 


It is capable to carry out full automatic mission flight with most of well known mission planning softwares.


Our long term experience of developing aerial control technology will provide you the natural flight feeling without any intensive training.

UAS Platforms

The INF's UAS is fully equipped with all features of all requirements of demands of each field such as pestisiding, photogrametry, and also laser scanning.


The extensive experience in manufacturing, electronic and software development as well as composite craftsmanship of our engineering team can be seen in every part we produce.


We are happy to help you not only providing devices but also through our professional consulting based on our long term experience.


Using reliable ground controller is essential for professional user.

Our Ground Control Station provides outstanding credibility under the legal restriction of each region.

Not only for using it on mission flight, but also you can use our GCS for manual flight by 3D joystic and height control with natural feeling.

All the required switch are ready to use and we are happy to help you to add your own function.

Moreover, If you feel any difficulty to use existing planning software, we can provide perfect solution by building up a specialized version for you.

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