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Flight Control Modes  3 types(Manual, Attitude, GPS)
Enhanced Lost-Control Protection Return To Launch(RTL)

Augmented Control Mode (ACM)


5 types (Point-of-Interest, Stick-Orientation, Home  Steering, Navigation control, Navigation Pause)
Compatible RC systems INF GCS, Futaba S-Bus, JETI EX Bus
Compatible GPS Ublox, Hemisphere, Trimble






GPS port

2 x CAN Bus, 

1 x USB, 

4 x UART ports (are typically used for RTK, Transponder and to communicate with GCS)

Onboard Data Logger

Micro SD 8Gbyte

Control output




Basic 4 controls for Swash and Rudder(330Hz PWM)

4 x PWM(including the channel for throttle. 70Hz)

3 x Switch channels (could be used for 70Hz output)

2 x Functions controlled with PWM (Camera trigger (pull low 300ms) and Sprayer).

Control input


RPM information input

Input capture (PWM Input) 

Electrical Specifications  
Operating Voltage 4.5V~8.5V
Current consumption Max 3W (typical:0.5A at 5V)
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 60°C

Dimensions and Weights

Main Controller Module   120mm x 55mm x 30mm, 280g

Altitude Holding 3 types Barometric Sensor / GPS / Laser
Maximum Wind Beaufort scale 7
Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity

GPS mode: 150°/s

Maximum Tilt Angle

GPS mode: 30°

Maximum ascent / descent Velocity

GPS mode: ±6m/s